On-Demand Production. No Minimums, No Inventory.

How Much Does Decorated

Inventory Cost?

Do You Need It?

The traditional model of pre-decorating products and stocking them in anticipation of future purchases is a gamble that many businesses can no longer afford. The costs associated with unsold inventory, storage, and eventual markdowns can significantly impact a company’s bottom line. 

On-demand production, a cornerstone of Just-in-Time (JIT) decoration, offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution. By decorating apparel items such as shirts, jackets, and hats only when an order is placed, companies can drastically reduce their inventory costs and minimize financial risk.

Calculate Apparel Inventory Cost

Apparel inventory is very expensive. You don’t need it! See how much you will save with iCoStore’s on-demand decoration.

Total inventory liability with a Traditional Program:

$ 0.00

0 Items in Inventory

Inventory liability with:


0 Items in Inventory

Benefits of On-Demand Production

On-demand production is not just a cost-saving measure; it’s a strategic approach that offers numerous benefits:

Our no-inventory model is not the traditional way to merchandise stores, however, when you break down the benefits, there is no comparison. We offer an unparalleled product assortment, logo options, sizes, and flexibility to update products to stay fresh and follow current trends. The greatest benefits are no inventory liability and no waste!

No Inventory Liability – No Risk

Nothing is decorated until you order it, so you only purchase what you order. There is no reason to hold decorated apparel in inventory.

No Minimums

You read that correctly. We decorate one piece at a time. In fact, if your program allows it, you can order one shirt with up to 4 logos and personalization with no minimums. That is true on-demand production!

Unlimited Selection of Name Brands and Styles

We are integrated with numerous suppliers, which allows us to offer hundreds of name brand items. When you place an order on the store, our system orders blanks, and we decorate them in-house.

Versatile Decoration - Multiple Logo Options

Our stores allow you to configure items with the logos and logo locations approved for your brand. You can offer multiple logos per item and even personalization. Allow buyers to configure items with your approved logos (following your brand guidelines).

Fast Production

We average less than 4 business days for on-demand production. That is extremely fast, considering that we don’t hold blanks at our location. This is why you have an unlimited selection of brands, colors and styles.

Full Size Offerings

When we add a style to your store, we offer every size. With an inventory program, the cost prohibits stocking all of the sizes.

Fresh and Seasonal Selections

We update your offerings quickly because we don’t need to sell through your stale inventory. We work with clients to change out inventory seasonally, so the most relevant items are offered to your employees.

Competitive Pricing

You would think the cost would be much higher because we produce items on-demand, however we have built our entire infrastructure to efficiently decorate thousands of individual items with minimal touches, so prices are very competitive… and there is no wasted inventory that you must purchase at the end of your program.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of On-Demand Production in Your Online Company Store?