Online Company Stores

What is an Online Company Store?

Online company stores serve as centralized platforms enabling companies to efficiently manage purchases or redemption of branded apparel, uniforms, swag, and print materials. iCoStore specializes in creating custom online employee stores, designed to cater specifically to your needs, ensuring your company’s promotional products are easily accessible. With iCoStore, you gain access to a dedicated account team that supports your corporate merchandise store, handling special orders and customer service with unparalleled expertise.

Our approach to company online stores is built on a robust infrastructure and a team of professionals dedicated to running seamless corporate programs. From the initial discovery and consulting to the merchandising and building of your company’s online store for apparel and promotional products, iCoStore manages the entire process. All orders are integrated seamlessly into our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, moving through our in-house decoration facility to QC and shipping, providing clients with full visibility and reporting through our Client Portal.

Why Do You Need an Online Company Store for Employees?

Online company stores offer a seamless solution for your employees to redeem or purchase branded apparel, uniforms, swag, and print purchases. iCoStore’s platform protects your brand’s integrity, manages budgets, and ensures accurate reporting. With features like Single Sign-On (SSO) or punchout integration, we maintain consistency and control over your company merch store. Let iCoStore handle your branded needs, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities.

Online Company Stores

iCoStore’s approach to online company stores offers an unparalleled selection of company swag, apparel, and custom print options, all with no minimums or inventory obligations. Our platform allows for:

•  Extensive selection of on-demand, in-stock and bulk buy items
•  Full control over your brand and the merchandise offered
•  Tailored product selection to fit your demographic, needs, and budget
•  Multiple logo options, personalization, and more
•  Employee budget management and spending control
•  Configure and capture GL codes, cost centers, POs, etc.
•  Integration with SSO or punchout for seamless operations
•  Comprehensive reporting suite for full visibility

Uniform Programs

Our uniform programs are custom-built to meet your specific requirements, offering a wide range of apparel from scrubs and polos to workwear and hard hats. Features include:

•  On-demand production = No inventory risk
•  A robust selection or sizes and logo options
•  Customizable ordering process
•  Configured and merchandised specifically for your needs
•  Solutions for medical apparel, workwear, FR & safety
•  Role based product visibility for employees
•  Automate uniform budget management
•  Franchisee uniform solutions

Incentive Programs

Motivate your team with our incentive programs, offering name-brand merchandise for awards and recognition.

•  Anniversary/Service Award Programs
•  Safety Awards
•  Sales Awards
•  New Hire Kits
•  Items selected to meet your budgets and demographics
•  Automated account funding based on your criteria
•  Integrate users with SSO for easy access and data sharing

Pop-Up Stores

iCoStore offers custom pop-up stores for events, product launches, and company anniversaries, simplifying the collection of orders for bulk purchases or individual deliveries.

• Holiday stores
• Product launches
• Company anniversaries
• Bulk uniform ordering
• Custom product selection
• Automate programs for mass orders to take the burden off of you


What does iCoStore do?

iCoStore builds custom online company stores with on-demand logo merchandise that aligns with and enhance your brand and image. The store is designed for employees to easily access the right products, while following your brand guidelines and budgets. We have a team of experts that understands programs, will consult on best practices, will solve your challenges, offer expertise to enhance your vision and use our technology to execute your program requirements. Once the program launches, you will have a dedicated account manager who becomes an extension of your marketing and HR teams.

Why are iCoStore programs successful?

No two programs are the same. If they were, all companies could run great programs. All promotional products companies have access to rent online store software and can build a basic store. In some cases, this works, but in most cases, they do it so they don’t lose your business. The store may look good, but the real magic is the execution behind the scenes. Most companies are not set up to process thousands of small orders efficiently. To run programs properly, the entire company needs to be structured to run stores. They need to have infrastructure, technology, and the staff to do it. iCoStore has all of these, plus in-house decoration that powers our unique on-demand model which reduces or completely removes all inventory liability.

How do I know if iCoStore is the right fit?

The program needs to be the right fit for both parties. Not all programs are a good fit, so we take time to understand your specific requirements and goals. We are very honest when assessing your program needs and want to make sure we can significantly improve what you have in place and solve any problems you are facing. If we can’t, we can make recommendations on who can. If you come on board, we are focused on running the best on-demand programs anywhere, from implementation to invoicing. You receive all our technology, integrations, merchandisers, in-house decoration, and our full team’s expertise. Nobody runs programs like we do.

What is required to become an iCoStore client?

We partner with clients who need solutions that integrate with their system and want to streamline purchasing apparel, uniforms, promo and print.

Here are a few criteria that we look for in a partner:
• Minimum of $250,000 in annual spend on apparel, promo and print
• Budgets and funding allocated to the program
• B2B or B2E program – No retail facing stores

What is a pop-up store?

A pop-up store is an online company store crafted for a specific purpose and typically featuring a limited buying window. This could entail holiday gifts for employees or special purchases for Nurse’s Week. Usually separate from your main company store, its streamlined checkout ensures easy checkout. We tailor the store and products to your specifications, whether it’s a single-piece redemption store, company-paid items, free shipping, etc. These stores can be deployed quickly to meet your event needs.

Ready for a Change?

If your current corporate merchandise store isn’t meeting your expectations, it’s time to consider iCoStore. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we’re here to guide you through a seamless transition to a platform that solves your challenges

Discover how iCoStore can transform your company store platforms into a streamlined, efficient system that supports your brand’s growth and employee engagement.