About iCoStore

What Does iCoStore Do?

iCoStore builds, hosts and runs customized online company stores that offer branded corporate apparel, uniforms, promotional products and print collateral. Our proprietary on-demand production system makes it possible to have an unlimited selection of name brand apparel, bags and promotional items with zero inventory liability.

If you visit our 32,000 square-foot facility in Tempe, AZ, you will see that we do everything in-house: We write code, design & merchandise stores, embroider, screen print, laser etch, UV print, large format print, DTF print, print business cards, fliers, etc., build kits, warehouse merchandise, ship and much more. We have full control of every step in the process, which is extremely unique.

Back in 1999—at a time when most companies were still using paper catalogs—we pioneered Just-In-Time (on-demand) production and started building a robust and proprietary online company store technology. We set the industry standard. Today, we continue to refine, innovate, improve our systems with our in-house staff of developers and business leaders.

iCoStore is in the top 1% of the 30,000+ distributors nationwide. We run over 150 online stores for companies like Honor Health, Altec, Burger King, Ericsson, Mutual of Omaha, CITGO, AmeriGas, BOK and many others. Over the past 20+ years, we can count on one hand the clients who have left because they were unhappy with our services.

All clients are matched with a dedicated account manager who becomes an invaluable member of their team. iCoStore account managers do not work on commission, so you can trust that they have your best interests at heart. Your account manager will quickly learn your needs and preferences, help you resolve issues and develop practical and innovative solutions to help your store and brand thrive.

iCoStore provides the complete solution for apparel, uniforms, promotional products and print needs. Your success is our success. We do things the right way and take pride in our work.

Our Story

iCoStore was founded in 2002, just as the internet was starting to change the world. New industries were popping up. Old ones were dying. The first iPhone was still five years out. Blockbuster Video was going strong, the first iPod had just been released and you still needed to call your travel agent to book a flight, hotel or rental car. Facebook and YouTube didn’t exist. This was the beginning of a major paradigm shift—not only in business, but in our daily lives…

Core Values

Meet Our Team

Tom Meissner

President & Founder

Eric Vance


Debra Swindler


Ashley Dalton

Director of Client Experience

Whitney Guthrie

Manager of Account Management

Sandy Powell

Account Executive

Heidi Hellin

Account Executive

Crystal Carter

Account Manager

Jamie Catarnichi

Account Manager

Laura Fesus

Account Manager

Lily Novarino

Account Manager

Celeste O'Reilly

Account Manager

Courtney Gist

Strategic eCommerce Manager

Myranda Bascom

Store Merchandiser

Anngelic Delgado

Graphic Designer

Ramon de Lange

Production Artist

Derek Vance

IT Project Manager

Joel Mearig

Production Manager

Adam Hill

Production Manager