Why iCoStore

Our Philosophy

Our founding vision was to build online company stores that offered an unlimited selection of quality merchandise with no inventory, no minimums and no inventory liability for our clients. We have spent the past 20+ years building technology and infrastructure to make just-in-time production a reality.  The iCoStore vision was innovative and well ahead of its time, so much so, we had trouble explaining it to potential clients in the early days, because nobody believed it was possible. Today, you are asking for it and we are one of the very few who can offer true just-in-time solutions.

On-Demand Production

Not all on-demand decoration is created equal. In a world where “On-Demand” has become a buzzword, we recognize that true on-demand production means decorating one item at a time, in-house, when it is ordered, no minimums. At iCoStore, we’ve not only perfected on-demand production, but we’ve elevated it to an enterprise level that stands alone in the industry.

Inventory is expensive and unnecessary for most products.  See how our on-demand solution will save you significant money and offer a much better experience to your employees.

On Demand Benefits

The benefits of no inventory and no minimums is significant. Not only is it the most sustainable way to run a program, but employees love having a great selection and you will love not having inventory liability and wasted product.

  • No Minimums
  • No Inventory Liability
  • Unlimited Selection of Name Brands and Styles
  • Multiple Logo Options
  • Sustainable – No Waste or Excess Inventory
  • Fast Production


Our proprietary technology platform is the gold standard for online company stores. We take pride in designing and developing our technology in-house, specifically tailored to power our programs. Through seamless integrations with our suppliers, and our in-house production, we deliver the most versatile and dynamic stores in the industry. From the shopping experience to the full reporting suite, our system is unmatched.

In-House Decoration

To run on-demand company stores with no minimums and no inventory, we must have full control over the entire production process and avoid relying on outside decorators. For this reason, we handle all decoration in-house. This approach ensures consistent quality, quick turnaround times, and the flexibility to fulfill orders of any size, all while maintaining complete oversight of every step in the production process.

  • Embroidery
  • DTF (Direct to Film)
  • Screen Printing
  • Laser Etching
  • UV Printing
  • Paper Printing
  • Dye-sub
iCoStore embroidery collage on demand Altec

People & In-House Services

While technology is a powerful tool, it’s the people that truly make the difference. At iCoStore, our in-house team is a group of passionate professionals who excel in their craft and know the business inside out. Their expertise, dedication, and passion will elevate your program to the next level.

  • Account Managers
  • Merchandisers
  • Customer Service Team
  • Graphic Designers
  • Software Developers

Products and Sourcing

We look to maximize value while carefully sourcing items that align with your strategy and corporate mission.

Vendor Relationships

We value our great relationships with our suppliers and have integrated our systems, which allows our orders to be prioritized and produced faster at a lower cost.  Our buying power and affiliation with Peernet (the top buying group in the industry) assures excellent quality and great service.


We offer a vast selection of quality products that are either made from recycled materials, recyclable or carbon neutral. We are able to merchandise your program with an environmentally friendly selection and provide usage reports as needed.

Ethical Sourcing

From the raw materials to the labor and factory conditions, we work with our partner vendors ensure items are ethically sourced.

Overseas Sourcing

Our overseas sourcing broadens your options. With global market access, you find unique, fully custom and cost-effective products, while we handle procurement and quality control. We can stock these items in our warehouse and offer them in your company store or use them for special orders.


Many of our brands offer givebacks to different causes, such as 1% for the Planet or Well Aware. We can merchandise your store with these brands or we can set up a give back speficially for your program.

Easy Program Implementation

With iCoStore, designing and launching your custom online company store is painless. Our implementation team guides you through every step, ensuring your program not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


Our dedicated onboarding team is committed to learn, consult, and fully comprehend your program’s aspirations, goals, and unique requirements, then make them a reality. We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring your program is tailored to your exact needs.

Merchandise and Build

ur experienced merchandisers guide you through product selection that align with your vision and requirements. We’ll curate a product collection, logo options, and colors that reflect your company’s identity and adhere to your brand standards.

Testing and Go Live

When the store is ready, we test with your team, integrate your SSO, work with your accounting team on integration and reporting and make sure everything flows properly. We will discuss and develop your launch strategy, communications and education as needed.

Why iCoStore? Elevate Your Game with Name Brand, On-Demand Merchandise

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