In-House Decoration

Our integrated in-house, on-demand printing solution ensures unparalleled quality, efficiency, and customization for our online company store clients. Programs have single piece embroidery, DTF printing, laser etching, UV printing and more.

On-Demand Embroidery

On-demand embroidery is at the heart of our print-on-demand solution. It is the most popular decoration option for employee purchases. Our facility is designed to manage a wide range of orders, from thousands of small orders to large projects. We automated the process, so our on demand embroidery runs efficiently with no minimums and excellent quality.

  • On-demand, no minimums for store orders
  • Quality: We take the extra steps to ensure the best quality sewing on every type of material
  • Experienced operators – average tenure is 10+ years at iCoStore
  • Over 45,000 pieces decorated monthly


On-Demand Direct To Film (DTF)

DTF technology has transformed on-demand printing for the garment printing industry by enabling digital printing on fabrics without color restrictions and with no minimum order requirements. This advancement allows for high-quality, vibrant prints that are durable and cost-effective, for items ranging from T-shirts to technical outwear, hats and bags.

  • No minimum order requirements
  • No garment or material restrictions
  • All logos manufactured in-house
  • Fully integrated into our stores

Screen Printing

With our M&R presses and direct-to-screen technology, our screen printing services are second to none. Our experienced operators ensure that every print is sharp, vibrant, and durable, making screen printing an excellent choice for high-impact branding for larger quantity orders.

On-Demand Laser Etching

Laser etching offers a unique way to customize the hottest drinkware and promotional items with precision and speed. Our on-demand printing means no minimums and fast turnaround times, allowing businesses to offer personalized products with no inventory.

  • Name Brand Inventory
  • No Minimums
  • Personalization available

Print On-Demand – Business Cards & Print Services

Our cutting-edge print on demand technology streamlines the process of customizing and ordering print items such as business cards, brochures and fliers. Customers can design, preview, and approve items online with production at our in-house print center.

  • On demand printing solution is integrated into your company store
  • No inventory
  • Custom approval workflows
  • Business cards, fliers, brochures, envelopes, letterhead and more

On-Demand Large Format Printing

Our large-format print on demand services allow you to offer banners, wall graphics, decals and more in your store with no-minimums. Approved users can customize text, proof it and even get approvals before item get to our print center.

  • Banners, wall graphics, decals and more
  • Large format on-demand printing
  • Users controls and workflow processes in place to assure brand compliance

On-Demand UV Printing

UV printing allows us to produce high-quality, print on demand solutions for promotional items, electronics and more. The on-demand model allows for the customization of unique promotional items without the constraints of minimum orders.

  • Unique, quality promotional items printed on-demand in your store
  • No minimums
  • No inventory


What products can be embroidered on-demand?

We merchandise your store with an extensive array of brands and styles of apparel, hats, bags, and accessories, all available for on-demand embroidery. With no minimums and no inventory, it’s a seamless process to add as much or as little to your store as required. Examples of items that can be embroidered include:

  • Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Hats
  • Bags/backpacks
  • Blankets
What is Direct to Film (DTF) printing?

Think of DTF printing as digital screen printing. The outcome is very similar to screen printing, however there are several advantages:

  • No additional charge for extra colors
  • Unlimited colors
  • Color match PMS colors
  • Works on all types of materials
  • Single piece decoration
  • Personalization

How does DTF Printing work?

We take your logo and print it onto transfer paper, adding a white backing and adhesive. After curing it in a dryer, we cut out your logo and heat press it onto your garment, bag, or hat. With only the ink being transferred, the result is a soft hand feel which is very durability.

Increasingly, clients are opting for DTF printing over embroidery, especially for items with small text or intricate details in the logo.


What products can be Direct to Film (DTF) printed on-demand?

Our DTF printing method is versatile and effective across various items. There’s no material limitation, enabling us to apply it to a wide range of products. The only requirement is that the item must withstand a heat press. Explore some common items we can decorate with DTF logos:

  • T-shirts
  • Polos
  • Outerwear/jackets
  • Hats
  • Bags/backpacks

Many clients are using this process on high end outerwear and polos to match the brand’s logo application (Nike, The North Face, etc.). It is trending and a great way to do something different.

What products can be laser etched on-demand?

Our on-demand laser etching service is equipped to handle a variety of products, with drinkware being our top category. We offer a diverse selection of over 30 styles and colors of both name-brand and generic drinkware that can added into your store.

In addition to drinkware, we provide a full range of bamboo cutting boards and other wooden gifts. We’re also capable of etching awards and accessories. All our laser-engraved items have no minimum order quantity requirement when integrated into your store.

What products can be large format printed on-demand?

With our on-demand large format printing service, you can now offer a variety of items like banners, wall graphics, window clings, floor graphics, or decals through your online company store. We’ve developed technology that enables your buyers to personalize text within your approved templates. Just picture providing stock banner templates and allowing different locations to input details for a job fair or event.

Moreover, our store provides a high-resolution proof on-screen for them to review and approve before it’s sent to our print facility. With no minimum requirement for large format printing, it’s a smart choice for any business!

What is UV Printing?

UV printing is a type of digital printing that uses ultraviolet light to cure (dry) ink as it’s printed onto a surface. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Special UV ink: Unlike traditional printing inks that dry through heat, UV ink cures when exposed to UV light.
  • Instant curing: As the printer lays down the ink, UV lamps built into the printer follow close behind, curing the ink instantly. This quick curing allows for sharper images because the ink doesn’t have time to spread before it solidifies.
  • Wider range of materials: Because UV curing doesn’t involve heat, UV printing can be used on a much wider variety of materials than traditional printing methods. This includes things like plastic, glass, metal.

What are the advantages of UV Printing?

  • Faster production: Since the ink cures instantly, UV printing is much faster than traditional printing methods.
  • Durable prints: UV cured inks are highly durable and resistant to fading, scratching, and moisture.
  • Versatility: UV printing can be used on a wider range of materials than other printing methods.
  • Environmentally friendly: UV inks typically contain lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional inks.
  • No Minimums: We have built processes that allow us to print single items with your full color logo.


What products can be UV printed on-demand?

Our on-demand UV printing service offers a wide range of promotional and incentive items that can be printed with no minimums. We inventory a collection of top-selling items that perform exceptionally well in online company stores. Each item can be fully customized with your logo in full color.

Explore our stocked selection of items ready to be integrated into your program:

  • Golf Balls
  • Speakers
  • Chargers
  • Notebooks
  • Name Badges
What paper products can be printed on-demand?

Our print-on-demand service offers companies exceptional flexibility while maintaining strict adherence to brand guidelines. We build each print item within your store, allowing users the option to order static documents or personalize with their own details (such as business cards, note cards, etc.). Before items can be added to the cart, a high-resolution proof must be approved. Additionally, we offer additional approval levels if managers need to review and approve items before printing

Some on-demand print items include:

  • Business Cards
  • Fliers
  • Brochures
  • Envelopes
  • Note Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Booklets
  • Notepads
Does iCoStore offer other types of in-house decoration?

While the decoration options mentioned above are our primary in-house methods, we also offer additional in-house decoration options as needed. Most allow for on-demand and no inventory requirements.

  • Patches
  • Dye-sublimation
  • Woven tags
  • Silicon transfers

The Advantage of Just-in-Time Decoration

On-demand decoration offers numerous benefits compared to the traditional in-stock inventory program. The most significant advantage is no pre-decorated inventory. Inventory is very expensive and restricts the number of items and logos you can offer in your program.

The iCoStore on-demand model offers no minimums and an unlimited selection of products, styles, colors and sizes. This isn’t found in other programs, because most companies don’t print items in-house and rely on outside vendors to decorate for them. Our state of the art on-demand decoration facility uses the latest decoration technology including DTF and UV printing.

icostore just in time production on demand production no minimums no inventory online company store

Ready For a Change?

Selecting iCoStore to run your online company store will significantly enhance your product selection, logo options and user satisfaction. Our on-demand, in-house decoration is a game changer for your program. Whether you’re looking to enhance your apparel selection with one-off embroidery, expand your drinkware offerings with laser etching, or offer high-quality, on-demand promotional items with our UV printing services, the integration of these technologies and services through our stores will keep your employees coming back for more.