Which T-shirt Fabric is the Best for You?

I love my t-shirts! I have my favorites that are totally worn out now, ones that I wore for certain occasions and ones I can wear to the office on casual Friday. T-shirts are worn everywhere, in all types of weather, and for just about every non-formal occasion. What makes a t-shirt a favorite? For me, it is not just about the logo or print on the shirt, but the material it is made out of. Really soft to the touch shirts that wash and wear well are the best, in my opinion. Since there is such a variety to choose from, you can easily meet the needs for casual, athletic, or business wear.

In addition to the material, the weight of a t-shirt is also very helpful in determining what climate a t-shirt is suitable for. Heavier weight t-shirts that are 6oz or more are more suitable for colder weather. These shirts are more durable and great for regular washes. Lighter weight t-shirts that are generally between 3-5oz and are more appropriate for warmer weather. These t-shirts also generally have a more cleaner and fashion oriented fit.

Since it is helpful to know the different fabrics used and also the weight of the fabric when choosing a t-shirt, I have listed a few of the most popular materials to help you make an educated decision the next time you’re in the market to purchase t-shirts for your team or event. I’ve also listed iCoStore’s favorite t-shirt for each material listed.


is the most popular fabric for t-shirts. It is soft, sturdy, and breathable, but does wrinkle. It is ideal for casual and everyday wear. It is also very affordable. Most promotional, price point T-shirts are 6.1oz or 5.5oz. These are the least expensive price point T-shirts.

Combed Cotton

is a little more expensive than the basic cotton. It is made by specially treating the cotton fibers before spinning them into yarn. The outcome is a stronger, smoother fabric that is very soft to the touch. These are typically lighter weight shirts; 4.3oz.

Organic Cotton

is grown using methods that do not greatly impact the environment. It is very soft to the touch. Since the growing methods are so strict, organic cotton is more expensive than regular cotton.

Pima/Supima Cotton

is considered the highest quality cotton available. Pima cotton is made from extra-long fibers that make it extremely soft and durable. Supima cotton is the same, however, it refers to 100% grown American pima cotton. These cottons resist pilling, fading, and stretching. Multiple washings just make these shirts softer.


is a very popular fabric for performance t-shirts. It is quick drying and does not mold or mildew, making it an excellent material for athletic apparel. Even after repeated washings, it retains its size, shape and color, and resists shrinking or stretching.

Cotton/Polyester Blend

is a blend of combining cotton and polyester material which allows for the best qualities of both result in a great fabric. This blend remains cool and light from the cotton fibers and also has the strength and wrinkle resistance from the polyester.


are super soft! They are made up of 3 different types of material which is generally polyester, cotton and rayon. Because of this super blend, t-shirts are much softer and also tend to cost more. Typically, you will see tri-blends in a more fashion fitted style as they tend to run smaller and have more stretch to them. These shirts tend to be more light weight.

So, tell us, what’s your favorite t-shirt made out of? Share your answer with us using your favorite Social Media tool. Also, talk to your account manager today to help you select the right item for you and/or your event.

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