Online Company Stores: Ditch the Inventory, Embrace On-Demand Company Stores!

Choosing the right online company store platform is a critical decision for managing your branded merchandise effectively. But before you get hung up on features and comparisons, understanding the two main program philosophies – inventory and on-demand – is essential. Opting for an on-demand company store can significantly streamline your operations and reduce overhead costs.

Inventory Programs: Stuck in the Past

Inventory programs, the traditional approach, hail from the era of paper catalogs and static product lines. Here’s how it works, and why it might not be the best fit for you:

  • Limited Selection: A small batch of pre-chosen items are decorated and sit in a warehouse, restricting the variety you can offer.
  • Inventory Risk: Your success hinges on picking the right products. Unsold items get stuck in the system, financially limiting your ability to add fresh items.
  • Hidden Costs: Inventory costs can add up quickly, hurting your program’s flexibility and freshness. You’re also on the hook for buying unsold merchandise.

On-Demand Programs: The Future of Online Company Stores Online Company Store

On-demand programs offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional inventory approach:

  • Unleash Your Brand: Imagine a virtual store brimming with a vast array of apparel, hats, bags, and drinkware – all available with no risk. On-demand eliminates limitations on styles, brands, logo placements, or colors. We only order the blanks after you place your order, ensuring no excess inventory.
  • Speed and Flexibility: Items are received, decorated, and shipped within 3-6 business days, all from our facility. There are also no minimum order requirements, offering maximum flexibility for your needs.
  • Sustainable Savings: On-demand decoration minimizes waste by producing only what’s needed, saving money and reducing your environmental footprint.
  • Brand Powerhouse: Imagine offering top brands like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, The North Face and more – all with zero inventory! On-demand unlocks a world of brand possibilities.

The Inventory Exception: When It Makes Sense

While on-demand is ideal for apparel, drinkware and some hard goods, there are exceptions. We recommend warehousing specific products like inexpensive swag, umbrellas, notebooks, and other promotional items that are less efficient for single-piece on-demand decoration. A hybrid approach can be the best of both worlds.

Making the Perfect Choice

Understanding the core differences between inventory and on-demand programs empowers you to make the best decision for your company’s online store’s needs. For maximum flexibility, brand variety, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, on-demand shines.

Don’t get stuck in the past with a limited inventory program. Embrace the future of online company stores with on-demand. Contact iCoStore today to discuss how we can create a thriving store that reflects your unique brand identity!

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