How to Find The Right Size When Ordering Apparel Online

The hard part about shopping for clothing online is knowing what size to buy.  You can never be too sure with how something will fit.  Unfortunately, sizes are not universal and can be different depending on the brand, style, and designer.  Here at iCoStore, we make items that are decorated to order and are personalized with company logos or names, and since we don’t hold inventory, we don’t accept returns or exchanges for sizing errors. Here are some tips for corporate apparel sizing, to hopefully help with your next online purchase.

1. Check the Size Chart

I made this the first tip because I can’t emphasize it enough!  Every designer, brand, and manufacturer’s sizes will vary.  A size large with one brand, might be a medium with another.  One of the best ways to help ensure a good fit, is to look at the size chart for that specific brand.  You’ll probably need to take some measurements to get an accurate answer when looking at the size chart.  You’ll usually want to measure your chest, waist, hips, and inseam.  This might seem like a hassle, but it could help prevent you from buying something that doesn’t work.  For your convenience, we make sure to include a link to each apparel’s size chart on our stores.  A “view size chart” button is right underneath the image of the apparel.


2. For Women: Junior vs. Misses

Junior sizes are odd numbers and they are usually cut a little straighter and narrower.  The misses’ sizes are even numbers and usually cut to be curvier.  A size small in a junior is not going to be quite the same as a small in misses’ sizes, because they are cut differently.


3. Golf Shirts

Golf shirts seem to be everywhere, not just on the golf course.  I learned an interesting thing about golf shirts.  They are made a little differently than your average polo.  Golf shirts are usually oversized to allow for more range of motion during a golf swing.  Makes total sense, right?  This could be something to consider when you’re looking at ordering golf shirts.


4. For Men: Different Types of Fits

I’m sure you’ve seen them on the labels…Slim fit, classic fit, modern fit.  But what does it all mean?!  A classic fit is typically going to be cut so there is more room through the chest and waist.  Slim fit is cut to be, well, slimmer; to fit more closely to the body.  Modern fit is the middle ground between a classic fit and a slim fit.  It’s not as boxy as the classic fit, but has more room than a slim fit.


5. Make a Note of Which Brand/Size/Fit You Like

I try to make notes (mental or otherwise) of brands, styles, and cuts, that work well for me.  You’ll want to be able to find what works for you, easily later on when you need to order again.  Might seem strange to make notes about clothing, but it’ll save you time and a headache later when you need to order again.


Shopping in an online company store can be incredibly convenient.  Almost anything we could ever want or need is just a few clicks away, without ever having to step foot inside a store.  It can be hard to buy somethings online, such as clothes, when you can’t see, feel, and try on what you’re looking at.  Even the best pictures can’t show you everything nor can they help you predict how something will fit and look on you.  I hope that with these tips and, your next online apparel purchase will fit perfectly!

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