Electrical Safety Gear: Your Shield Against Arc Flash, Burns, and Electrical Hazards

Electrical Safety Gear Utility companies, power cooperatives, renewable energy businesses, and electrical contractors need a constant supply of electrical safety gear.

This includes FR (flame-resistant) and arc flash clothing, to minimize risks and ensure a safe working environment.

Large industrial companies can benefit from procurement technology tools that assist safety and procurement managers in optimizing the PPE procurement process. A good online company store can add only approved PPE, so employees always purchase the approved merchandise and are compliant.

This approach reduces costs and ensures workers receive electrical PPE that meets brand guidelines.

The Benefits of a Company Store

An online company store provides a centralized platform for procuring employee uniforms and essential safety gear.

This tool simplifies the process of ordering and reordering PPE and work clothing, making it easier to maintain a steady supply of safety apparel and arc flash equipment throughout the year.

iCoStore offers online company stores that deliver strategic, streamlined, and integrated procurement of approved PPE. Our team works with you to merchandise the store with your proper PPE.

Features of an Enterprise-Level Company Safety Store

  • Customized, Secure Interface: Mobile-friendly user interface for easy ordering and reordering 24/7.
  • Personalized Logins: Users can view order history for quick reorders, see previously viewed items, maintain a wish list, and manage multiple delivery addresses for fast checkout.
  • Custom Dashboard: Administrators can monitor and manage employee spending, budgets, orders, and inventory.
  • Rich Reporting & Analytics: Provides actionable insights from store data.
  • APIs: Integrate data with other systems, including ERPs and procurement platforms like SAP Ariba.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Every account has a dedicated account manager to work with your team on special orders and store merchandising. Ensure the success of your swag store.

Wide Range of Safety Products

With a company store, field managers can access a wide selection of customized safety apparel and work gear. This includes items required by electricians, electrical line workers, and other field staff, such as:

Durable arc flash and fire-resistant clothing and electrical safety gear from top brands.

  • FR Hi-Vis clothing
  • FR balaclavas, FR hats, and fire-resistant work gloves (FR PPE)
  • Premium PPE bundles and kits

Approval rules can require staff to submit orders for approval. This ensures administrators control access to specific protection types, such as CAT 3 electrical PPE.

Customization Options for Safety Gear

iCoStore can decorate most items on-demand and remain FR-compliant. We use FR thread in our embroidery department and other FR-approved decoration methods at our in-house decoration facility.

With an iCoStore company store, managers and individual staff can quickly order custom safety clothing and PPE that strictly adhere to your corporate brand guidelines. We understand that consistent branding on uniforms is important and it is our job to make your team look great, but most importantly, provide them with the proper PPE to keep them safe.

Build Your Collection of Pre-Approved Electrical PPE

A company store stocked with custom FR and arc flash clothing and approved OSHA and ANSI-compliant safety products makes it easier to achieve job site safety and brand control. Once the collection is determined, your only job will be to manage your employees, not chase uniform requests around.

It is a cost-effective and streamlined solution for managing company uniforms, PPE for electrical work, and Uniform Programs, as well as other branded merchandise like safety signage, employee safety awards, and promotional products.

It’s also the most convenient way for employees to access branded materials, from apparel to printed marketing materials like business cards and spec sheets.

iCoStore is committed to simplifying the procurement of safety essentials. To set up a company store of your own, contact us or fill out the form below.

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