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We believe that there is NO reason to hold corporate logo apparel in inventory for your online company store. Why limit your selection and create a large financial liability? With iCoStore’s Just-In-Time (JIT) production, we are able to offer an almost unlimited selection of men’s and ladies’ brands, styles, colors, sizes and logo options.

How Much Does Your Apparel Inventory Handcuff Your Program?

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We developed proprietary technology and processes which allows our customers an unlimited selection of styles, brands, logos, and colors while adhering to corporate branding guidelines, all produced on demand with no inventory requirements and no minimum order. We have the best and most efficient system in the industry to offer true Just In Time (JIT)J.I.T. stands for just-in-time. JIT items are produced to order. You order a decorated item, we order the blank goods, decorate them just the way you ordered. production for corporate logo merchandise.
iCoStore’s innovation offers numerous benefits:

Custom online store configured specifically for your needs

Fast JITJ.I.T. stands for just-in-time. JIT items are produced to order. You order a decorated item, we order the blank goods, decorate them just the way you ordered. production with no minimums

No financial inventory liability

No long-term contracts

Unlimited product selection

Unlimited logo selection within your store (we have a store with 120 logos!)

Protecting your logo and brand

24/7 Reporting


In addition to building online stores, each of our clients works with a dedicated account manager. Their job is to help merchandise your online store with the latest and greatest items and also to work closely with you for event merchandise, trade shows and other product needs outside of the store. Our entire creative team meets weekly to brainstorm ideas for your events, so not only do you have an amazing account manager, but you have the power of our entire creative team behind your program.


iCoStore offers all of the online tools necessary to make your program successful.

Client PortalAdministrative tool that allows you to easily manage users, track orders, control budgets and run reports; 24 x 7
Customization – No two stores are alike. Each store is built and configured specifically for your needs
Mobile Friendly – Your store to be accessed and looks great on any mobile device
Secure – All stores are PCI compliantPayment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. . Our servers are in a Tier 1, offsite facility
Integration – available to help integrate your program with your existing infrastructure

iCoStore Summary

iCoStore (I – Innovative, C – Creative, O – Online Store.)

builds, hosts and runs online company stores. We are focused on running turnkey, efficient, on-demand programs using our proprietary technology and in-house decoration. We have dedicated, experienced employees who understand our goals and they work to exceed our customer’s expectations. In 1999, when companies were still using paper catalogs, we were innovating new ways to run online stores with little or no inventory. Today, we continue to lead, innovate and develop new and better processes and services, so our customers and partners have the best company stores and products available.

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