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A home healthcare equipment supplier asked several companies for ideas to motivate their internal sales team to sell to a new channel of customer. They selected iCoStore. We worked closely with them to understand their sales force and company objectives. Their team needed to learn about the new market and how to sell new items. The company wanted to incentivize them for education and sales to the new market.


When we boiled it down, changing behavior was the main objective. The client had excellent reporting on their sales team, so we were able to set goals and metrics to incentivize their employees. They had a big launch party and explained the program, goals and incentive program. We built an online program that had a leader board on the front page with all of the sales team members listed. There were prizes for everyone that hit education metrics by specific dates. The leader board displayed several columns for the different objectives, so the sales team could see where they stood in relation to others. Dollar values were set for each objective. Dollars were added to their accounts and the leader board was updated weekly. The store was loaded with great items from food to luggage to electronics to kitchen appliances.


The adoption of the new market happened quickly. The company attributed much of their success to the incentive program, which incentivized not only the top producers, but everyone on the team. Typically, top producers don’t need additional motivation. It is the middle and bottom that can make the biggest impact. Nobody wanted to be at the bottom of the leader board. The new business channel was successfully implemented and they had more people attending their education sessions than ever before. After this portion of the program was done, they retooled the program to incentivize new product lines and reach other company-specific goals.

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