Just-In-Time Production

Just-In-Time = No Inventory and No Minimums!

Apparel inventory in a program is very expensive and unnecessary. On-demand or Just-in-time production means we order and decorate your products when the order is received. Orders are placed online and the decoration options have been predetermined, so when items are ordered, we already follow your branding guidelines and decorate when the item arrives. This is true on-demand production.

The advantages of just-in-time production are numerous; Unlimited selection of name brand apparel, bags, hats and more. NO inventory liability, only purchase what you need. Sustainable – No wasted merchandise. Multiple logo options. Full size runs. Men’s and women’s options for all styles. Apparel inventory can be very expensive and is a big risk with so many styles, sizes, colors & logos. iCoStore’s just-in-time production eliminates this risk.

The just-in-time calculator below will quickly demonstrate the cost of apparel inventory. Offering 5 shirt options in two colors for men and women on a basic shirt will add $30,000 in inventory! See for yourself!

Calculate your inventory cost in a Traditional Company Store.

Total cost of inventory in a traditional program.

$ 0

0 Items in Inventory


Inventory cost with iCoStore


0 Items in Inventory

iCoStore Solutions

Efficient just-in-time production can only be achieved with a fully integrated system. We built and maintain our platform which is fully integrated with our stores, ERP system and production flow, so there is no human touching needed until the item arrives at our facility. Items are barcoded and flow seamlessly through embroidery, laser etching, screen printing and DTG. This is how true on-demand production works and iCoStore is the leader in just-in-time production for online company stores.

iCoStore vs. Traditional Programs

Benefits of JIT

  • No minimums
  • No out-of-stock-items
  • No inventory liability
  • Sustainable – No wasted items
  • Multiple logo options
  • New styles & brands added frequently
  • Unlimited selection of brands and styles
  • Full selection of men’s and women’s styles
  • Full-size run in all styles
  • Fast production
  • Competitive prices, even with one piece minimums

Too good to be true?

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