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Sales Incentive Programs

A well-planned and executed sales incentive program can motivate not just your top producers, but your entire sales team. Most sales incentives have a grand prize just for the top producer, even though top producers usually don’t need extra motivation. Our reward programs allow you to set goals for every member of your sales team, which allows them all to earn rewards. Typically, it is the salespeople in the middle and bottom who have the potential to significantly increase sales, if properly motivated.



Distributor Incentive Programs

Most distributors sell multiple brands from several companies, which means that your products are not always their main focus. Distributor incentives are very common—and they work. Sales people often sell what personally brings them the best return. Other brands may already have incentive or spiff programs in place, which may be why you are not seeing the results you would like. Want to sell more? Work with us to build targeted reward programs that make your products the focus.



Service Awards Program

Employee recognition is one of the most important factors to employee happiness. Creating a centralized recognition program to celebrate and standardize your service awards, anniversaries, birthdays or a job well done is easy, and will help you retain your best employees. These are easy reward programs to implement—and the return is well worth the effort.



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