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A large beer company needed a store – apart from their main online program – for a very specific product launch campaign. They were launching a national ad campaign focused on golf for one of their major brands. They needed everything from product designs to on/off premise displays, promotional items and apparel. They needed a custom store to support the campaign and allow all of their distributors and employees to purchase goods using specific budgets.


Our customer didn’t want extra inventory, so we took pre-orders for the custom items we designed and manufactured overseas. The majority of items were decorated in house, using JIT production. We designed several displays, including floor graphics with custom golf bags and putting greens for large off-premise retailers. We also designed displays for golf course lounges and promotional items for tournaments and giveaways.


The campaign was very successful. Hundreds of locations participated. Merchandise was delivered early and the program went off without a hitch. We have done several specialty stores like this for different customers throughout the years. This customer utilized not only our technology, but our creative department to design and develop custom golf bags, unique packaging and displays.

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