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A large manufacturing customer has multiple locations and thousands of production employees. They needed a centralized employee store solution to manage and track reward points given to employees for achievements such as safety, attendance, training, wellness and performance. Each location has a budget that managers are responsible for awarding to employees. Corporate wanted to be sure that their employees were recognized and had a great selection of JIT merchandise to motivate them. They also wanted branding consistency and the ability to track points easily.


Beyond the custom online store and large selection of logo merchandise, we created new administrative features that allowed managers to distribute and track the points of their employees. Our development team jumped on the project and built a robust feature set, which is now available to all of our clients.


Centralizing all internal incentives into one program made their initiatives much more successful. Employees earned rewards and redeemed points for company logo merchandise. The reporting gave visibility into the program’s success and allowed it to be tweaked as needed. Bi-weekly shipments were sent to each location, with all orders individually labeled and packaged, which allowed free shipping for employees.

This program exemplifies what we are trying to for our customers: build a comprehensive system used by multiple departments, within a company, to meet and exceed its internal goals.


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