Coasters: Your Next Best Promotion

Once a month, when the mail arrives and there is a little envelope with my name on it, I run to my coworkers’ offices and let them know we have received our monthly mailer! I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited to get mail. But for the past 7 months I have received a … Continued

How to Use Microfiber Cloths to Stand Out

It’s hard to get excited about a tiny square cloth whose primary purpose is to clean your glasses. But for those of you in the marketing department in need of an inexpensive giveaway for your next event, a microfiber cloth might be just what you need!   There are so many benefits to giving away … Continued

Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday gifts…we know, it’s not even Halloween yet! But in the promotional product industry, we highly recommend you start planning your employee holiday gifts now. The goal should be to finalize your holiday order by the end of October. Over the years, we’ve learned that factories generally have a longer production time during this season, … Continued

Benefits of Branded Reusable Bags

Shopping with reusable tote bags, certainly seems to be the “in” thing to do these days. You see them at almost every store you go to. It’s a great item to feature your company’s logo since people will continue to use them long after they’ve received one. But what are some other benefits to offering … Continued

What is production time for promotional products?

This is a question that needs addressing. In our current Amazon Prime world, we believe that production time should only be two days, at most. In the promotional products world we need to remember that every item is a custom product, branded with your logo, which takes a bit more time. For special orders, that … Continued

Bulk Buy vs. Inventory within a Company Store

The founding principle of iCoStore was to run online company stores with little or no inventory. In most cases, inventory isn’t necessary, however many competitors will tell you it is the only way to run your company store. The reason is, they don’t have Just-In-Time production capabilities in-house, so the only way they can run … Continued

4 Types of Bags You Must Have in Your Program

I love bags! You may go as far to say that I have an obsession with bags. Grocery bags, gift bags, tote bags, duffel bags, backpacks – you name it, I have it. Well, I probably have at least 6 of them, if not more. And I use every single one of them. Promotional products … Continued

How to Build a Successful Online Company Store

I am frequently asked why some online company stores are successful and others are not. There are several questions to answer that will help pre-determine if your company needs a corporate program and if so, will it be successful. I will start by saying that not every company needs an online store, even if they … Continued

The Fidget Spinner Craze

By now, I am sure you have seen or heard about fidget spinners. They have become the latest craze for fidgety kids and adults. They are a very simple plastic toy, that when spun, acts like a mini gyroscope. You squeeze it between your thumb and middle finger and spin it …yep, that’s all you … Continued

Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to our first company blog post. Over the past year we revamped our logo, created a new tagline and completely updated our website. Basically, we got a major face lift!   Now, our next step is to make an effort to clearly communicate and educate anyone who is interested in the promotional products industry … Continued

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