Bulk Buy vs. Inventory within a Company Store

The founding principle of iCoStore was to run online company stores with little or no inventory. In most cases, inventory isn’t necessary, however many competitors will tell you it is the only way to run your company store. The reason is, they don’t have Just-In-Time production capabilities in-house, so the only way they can run … Continued

4 Types of Bags You Must Have in Your Program

I love bags! You may go as far to say that I have an obsession with bags. Grocery bags, gift bags, tote bags, duffel bags, backpacks – you name it, I have it. Well, I probably have at least 6 of them, if not more. And I use every single one of them. Promotional products … Continued

How to Build a Successful Online Company Store

I am frequently asked why some online company stores are successful and others are not. There are several questions to answer that will help pre-determine if your company needs a corporate program and if so, will it be successful. I will start by saying that not every company needs an online store, even if they … Continued

Our president, Tom Meissner, was featured on Money Radio

Our Founder and President was featured in the Business Leader’s Spotlight on “Business for Breakfast”, a money radio show, on March 13. The discussion was about the promotional product’s business and iCoStore’s role in helping change its direction. You can hear the interview here.

iCoStore Upgrades Technology Platform

The largest technology upgrade for iCoStore’s technology platform will be rolling out in the coming months. Look for new, more-responsive store designs and enhancements to performance, usability, and security. This upgrade will also give us a strong base on which to roll out new features and services in the near future. We are continuing to … Continued

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