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A credit union with numerous branches in multiple states needed a corporate apparel program for its employees. There was no branding consistency because each location was using different vendors. They needed a centralized solution to maintain brand control and make it easy for employees to purchase apparel.


We created an online store featuring the approved styles, colors and logos. The credit union had a huge selection and branding control without inventory liability. Their annual spending requirement was just $50,000. They funded employee accounts using our points system and employees could purchase additional items with a credit card.


Our corporate apparel store solved their issue and has been running for over seven years. HR creates new accounts with points for new employees.

We have found that funded Just-In-Time apparel stores are our some of our most successful programs. Our clients have had poor experiences with in-stock uniform programs in the past. iCoStore is the perfect partner for funded uniform stores, because employees have a great selection and corporate has no inventory liability and can control their branding and budgets.


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