Do you need to provide apparel for your employees, customers or distributors before big events? We can create a store for your event that will collect individual orders and coordinate delivery. We collect and process all of the orders, decorate the garments and package them as needed, so you can easily distribute them at your event. Automate, and save yourself the headache.

Trade Show Case Study


A fast food giant, using a traditional program from a competitor, was hosting its worldwide conference and required attending employees to wear specific trade show apparel for the event. With over 700 employees arriving from all over the world, it needed over 2,100 shirts to be decorated and delivered within three weeks. The vendor running their store found it impossible to execute.


We built a custom store with the approved fifteen apparel styles in men’s and ladies’, sizes XS-6XL, several color options and with a standard left-chest embroidered logo. Each employee was given an account with points. We handled the communication and took more than 700 individual orders, which were decorated, folded, individually packaged by employee name, labeled alphabetically and delivered to registration.


Distribution was flawless at event registration. In the past, the customer had to guess on sizes and only one shirt style was available for men. Inevitably, they ran out of correct sizes, so employees were stuck with shirts that didn’t fit. Our solution saved them thousands of dollars, and the complaints were few. This was our first event store and it was only online for three weeks, but it solved a huge challenge for our customer. The JIT production coupled with our disciplined processes made it possible.

Simplify trade show apparel ordering & distribution

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