Photo: Tom Meissner, Sometime around 1999.


iCoStore was founded in 2002, as the internet was starting to change the world. Industries were popping up and others were dying due to the changes. In 2002, there was no Facebook or YouTube and the first iPhone was still five years from being released. Blockbuster Video was at its peak renting VHS tapes and DVDs and the first iPod had just been released. This was the beginning of a major paradigm shift in business.

The founder of iCoStore, Tom Meissner, a corporate golf products manufacturer, saw a great opportunity in 1999 and started to build online stores for his golf sales reps. The concept took off and he knew he was onto something…



iCoStore (I – Innovative, C – Creative, O – Online Store.)

iCoStore builds, hosts and runs online company stores. We are focused on running, efficient, on-demand programs using our proprietary technology and in-house decoration. We have a dedicated group of employees who understand our goals and they work every day to exceed our customer’s expectations. In 1999, when companies were still using paper catalogs, we were innovating new ways to run online stores with little or no inventory. Today, we continue to lead, innovate and develop new and better processes and services, so our customers and partners have the best programs and products available.


iCoStore was founded to reinvent the way corporate programs were run. The traditional approach just didn’t make sense, not only because it is extremely wasteful, but because the customer is financially locked into a small selection of logo merchandise and if the buyers don’t purchase the items, they are still own them. That just didn’t make sense…


Revolutionize the promotional products marketplace using our experience in technology, promotional products, decoration, and production to bring our customers solutions to save time and money on their promotional products. Empower our team to solve problems, make decisions that are best for the customer, and seek constant improvement in everything that we do. There is only one steadfast rule: Do the right thing.


iCoStore’s platform is developed on proven Microsoft technologies to achieve seamless integration of front-office and back-office functions. This technology allows orders to be produced JIT (Just-in-Time). iCoStore uses industry leading security technology and our platform is hosted by the same company that hosts multiple installations for the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Defense.

Most companies rent software from third-party providers, however that limits integration, merchandising and customization capabilities. We have an in-house development team that continues to innovate and develop custom solutions for our customers and enhancements to our infrastructure. Owning and developing our proprietary system gives us amazing advantages when it comes to customization, features and production.



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